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A memorable wedding with Musico Délire

A wedding is not just a special day; it is a celebration of love that deserves a unique atmosphere.

Musico Delirium

At Musico Délire, we are committed to making your wedding an exceptional day thanks to our expertise in DJ Animation.

Why choose Musico Délire for your wedding?

  • Unrivaled experience : Our DJs and entertainers have more than 20 years of experience hosting weddings and various events.

  • Successful evenings: With an average of 90 weddings per year under our belt, we know how to set the dance floor on fire!

  • Extreme personalization: From the choice of music to the entertainment of the procession and games during dinner, every detail is adapted to your tastes and preferences.

Our exclusive services

  • D-Day Planning: We support you from the planning phase so that everything goes as you dreamed.

  • Varied entertainment: In addition to music, we offer entertainment games to entertain your guests.

  • Announcements and presentations: Our presenters take care of important announcements and the presentation of the procession, so you can concentrate on your day.

In summary

Choosing Musico Délire means guaranteeing a wedding evening that reflects your love: unforgettable and unique! Between expertise and passion, our mission is to create the perfect atmosphere for the most important day of your life. Contact us now to find out more.

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