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Office party Dj and evening entertainment

We are at your service for any type of event, themed evenings adn more.... We provide you with all the technical and tailored details for all your events thanks to our DJs and our partners.

musico delire


We offer musical entertainment and general DJ services including all styles of music, musical atmosphere, musical games, latest generation Karaoke, Quiz and Blind Test.



Increasingly popular, the photobooth is simple, an original entertainment and requires no effort on your part.

Image by Michał Parzuchowski



For your company evening, you are offered 3 professional croupiers as well as 3 types of gaming tables according to your preferences: American roulette, blackjack and poker. 



A Crooner for your event?  A lyrical Diva? A Soul singer?  Do you have your own repertoire and would like one of our artists to enhance it?

Signer with Band



Pianist alone or accompanied by an intoxicating voice for a cozy and warm atmosphere.


Setup Dj his lighting Musico Délire.jpg

Enjoy an elegance of sound that brings together exceptional power and audio performance! Robust high-definition audio tailored to your needs. All our equipment is installed in such a way that no queues appear. We combine functionality and aesthetics through state-of-the-art lighting effects, we are 95% equipped with intelligent and robotic LED technology for an effective and spectacular rendering! Get a real SHOW light!


Office party and corporate event
Dj Christmas Party, Dj Entertainer & evening entertainment

Office and corporate DJ party packages starting at $ 890

  • 2 meetings with you (to determine the order of the planning process)

  • DJ and entertainment service with games between meal services, quizzes, dance competitions, etc.

  • Sound system (including 2 Electro Voice Ekx 3000w speakers on tripods)

  • 1. Pioneer Rev-7 DJ Console

  • 1 White or black illuminated lycra DJ front panel

  • 1 Gig bar Move 5-in-1 LED lighting set with 8 color effects

  • 1 Sennheiser EW 100-865S wireless microphone

  • 2 hours to do the Installation

  • 1h30 to do the Disassembly

  • 10 hours of service

  • Travel for a radius of 40 km round trip



  • 8-hour mobile disco service.

  • This includes

  • a DJ-host with a large music bank,

  • a sound system of 2 pre-amplified columns to accommodate 80 guests

  • entry-level lighting, transportation, installation (50 km around Montreal) and a meeting with you to plan the details with your facilitator.


CORPO 2 Flat rate $ 2340


  • Mobile disco service includes cocktail until 1:00 a.m.

  • 1 host and 1 DJ

  • 2 subwoofers

  • Photobooht 3 consecutive hours with technician on site

  • Decorative loundge-style lighting (6 atmospheric LED bars)

  • Facade of DJ (lounge or Rustic)

  • Lighting for additional dancing

  • a meeting with you to plan the details with your facilitator.

When the musical universe of two talented Djs meet, this energy creates sparks! 
A performance close to a concert!

DJ office christmas Party and Photobooth



  • 8-hour mobile disco service.

  • A sound system totaling 5,600 watts to accommodate 150 to 250 guests

  • 2 moving heads mounted on aluminum trust

  • upper lighting including LED laser effect and smoke machine,

  • Illuminated DJ facade

  • 1 host and 1 DJ

  • 2 Brazilian dancers for a duration of 40 minutes with a delirious animation

  • Photobooht 3 consecutive hours with technician on site

  • A meeting with you to plan the details with your facilitator.


A la carte:
Photobooth package
  • Photo session for 3 hours, without photo developmentPersonalized banner at the bottom of each of your photos

  • Box of wacky accessories to entertain your guests

  • Delivery of all your photos on USB key at the end of the evening

  • Ability to send your photo instantly by email or forward to a cell phone or page

  • From $ 795

A la carte option

A la carte option

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