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Nadyne and Eric

Hello Gregory,

I wanted to confirm that we have had a great wedding party with you. Our marriage is a fat success for your talent and listening to you.

You were able to target our tastes very quickly and you put the importance that this fact be a total success.

Unfortunately we didn't have the chance to make several games but, the world was so wrapped up in the music and your released energy that we didn't even realize it. Its proves that the music was too good lol 😊.

I really enjoyed my evening in your company and I enjoyed putting my two cents in when I sang '' Ice, Ice baby '' live in front of people and borrow your microphone at the end of the evening to do a few things.

In conclusion, I recommend you to everyone because you are a really great guy with an incredible talent as a DJ.

Thank you for all a thousand times.

Eric Gaudreau and Nadyne audette

** Wedding of August 4, 2018 ***

Wedding DJ personalized, dedicated services, professional DJs, of exceptional quality!!! And this, in terms of music but also animation and lighting.

Julaina and Claudel

Thank you to the Musicodelire team for personalized, dedicated, professional services of exceptional quality !!! And this, in terms of music but also animation, lighting etc. The DJ animators were even dressed in the theme color of the wedding !! Wow !! In addition, our wedding was the fusion of 2 cultures: ensuring the atmosphere and satisfying everyone was therefore a double challenge. Congratulations to the Musicodelire team for a thunderous atmosphere 110% successful. We will recommend you for sure !!


October 21, 2017

DJ wedding entertainer, Entertainment & Wedding DJ,

Erica & Sebastian

Gregory was excellent, animated brilliantly! Really, we had a great evening with him! If ever we do another event we will definitely re-engage it !! Our parents also even said they would hire her in the future!

Thank you very much!

July 15, 2017

Wedding entertainer and DJ

Nancy & Michel

Huge thank you to Musico-Délire for the beautiful evening of July 2, 2016 !!!!! you will be part of our memories for the rest of our lives! Thank you for your very professional side you allowed us to have a very beautiful wedding !!! Long live your business and especially the pleasure of recommending you to everyone !!!! Thank you Grégory !!! Nancy & Michel ........

DJ Entertainer / Wedding DJ

Thank you very much you are the only one who transformed our wonderful evening, thank you if I have another opportunity I call you

April 16, 2016

DJ for the evening and the ceremony

Annie & Marc-Atoine

Thanks to Musico-Délire, it was fantastic, everyone we loved Dj Grégory Alias Djazz, absolutely nothing to say, he is really great, young and old alike danced, what a beautiful evening thanks to you. A big thank you, I will recommend you to all my friends and family.


September 26, 2015

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